too much that way

hey i got a question

for you in this message

can we get back together

maybe sometime whenever

you are done being mad at me

for my poor decision well

it wasn't the tragedy

you made it out to be

i know you're hoping

that i'll burn in hell

maybe i will but at least

we'll have adjacent cells

and the devil can tell you

i'll sell you my soul

at a discount price

because it's old and moldy

and if you need some time to figure this out

i know i could preach to you up and down

about how good things are but it's too much that way

just this thing

i got on my mind

it's not who you love

it's just who you can find

somehow sometimes

the one who's blind

finds more truth than

you do in what we rhyme

but this time i won't be

no blind guy led to deceit

in my misery because my religion

and creed states quite simply

to be free just take it easy

i dare you

if you think that the creak

outside your window isn't me

then please go to sleep

i'll be in in a minute

even if it's just a dream

well it seems so real you can feel it

don't you feel it baby

don't scream

i didn't mean for you to feel a single thing.

i know what you did

where do we begin

i could be your friend

like we're kids again

but when you lie

it's with such style

i listen again

yeah but it's just the wind

if you think you know me

well I act so normal so naturally

but deep underneath

you can't see what's really bothering me

and I could ask God why he ain't in my life

but then I'd be lying cuz I pray all the time

please hold me up cuz I ain't that strong

and I been working but forever is taking too long

i know what you did

where do we begin

i could be your friend

like we're kids again

and when you lie

it's with such style

i listen again

if you think you can bring

me to my knees please

you've got to be kidding

i can see between the seams

as you lift up the screen

i got laser beam vision

and I got no doubt

you been found out

but it don't matter

i'm as insane as a hatter

and I'll get you back

not a threat that's a fact

but don't feel flattered

cuz it's just the way I act




down on me and down on you

makes me feel like I'm no use

that's why I try to sing the blues

but it always comes out wrong

i hate the way that every day

feels like being let down

and I'm not trying to be profound

just always comes out wrong

you know you're right

i'm too polite

to say I'm tired of being wrong

i've got no fight in me tonight

but I'm sick and tired of being wrong

and if you push me

one more time

you're gonna find out about being wrong

if you don't love me you don't love me

guess I'm being used

but you could hassle any @$$hole

why am I the one you choose

it breaks me down

it makes no sense

and I'm not trying to build suspense

just trying to get my two cents in

but it always comes out wrong

bassment door

rhymes coming at you

like theives at jewels

rolling MCs like joints

in microphone duels

with the reggae style

this is no sample original

coming at you straight on

the bass drums and guitar

we got chased by the police

for smoking a draw on the banks

of the river by the shipping yard

somebody saw had to run on

cobblestones from the heat

to the street where all the speakeasy be

when the lights on

you go to the basement door

and you knock three times and

when they ask just say who you are

and when the light's off just keep walking

my other be complaining

i don't make no sense

i got names on a list

with current residence

are you on this list

i keep you in suspense

and if you were would

i be killing you or

sending you correspondence

in my brain i swear i'm insane

from all my time in rock and roll bands

but today i'm glad to say

i got away downtown to the speakeasy

i admit i drive drunk

but i prefer being high

everything is surreal

and electrified and if

you got a decent system

you can rock for a mile

turn the bass up on this one

feel the rebel style

three camaros in a chase

with an ounce in my crotch

got in the cops car and

played dead like a bi-otch

got out with a citation

for a broken turn signal

if you don't believe me

ask my lawyer mike dill





































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