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Hey Mister Spencer Griffith,
Go back to playing snood.
I guess the day we called
You were in a shitty mood.

Did she fake another headache?
Did you get some bad fast food?
You don't like ganja references?
It's the music business dude.

It's fun to rip on bands and all.
I do it all the time.
But we pack rock clubs wall to wall
And never play Sublime.

Most people get the Kingston joke.
I guess that you did not.
If you went to down to Kinston, though,
Your white ass would get shot.

And also for the record,
DJs are not cliche.
It turns out that turntables
Are an instrument you play.

But one thing about music is
It's for the common man.
And those who cannot do, review,
And Spence, we understand.

And now the song becomes a marathon...(ad infinitum)


how'd I upset you
man you know they coming to get you
I never met you
but I bet you

wanna be like me only your brain won't let you
what did that 40 hour a week job net you?
they hit you with team mentality
until it came back and bit you

what did you do
when your pension evaporated
what did you do
to that boss you always said you hated?

by hook or by cattle prod
by the book or by battle squad
or by leaving it up to god

two TVs
a car and some sneakers on your feet
that don't make you rich

first things first
life is short so shoot first
let god sort em out take em out
three round bursts

second by second
death beckoning the day of reckoning
no regrets taking all bets
it gets worse

you don't work you don't eat
boss man say so
unemployment rate
people on death row

going back to school
going back to prison
four walls three meals
two one no deal


Can you believe it?
I'm back with a rhyme
No you can't
Like Manson in Bowling for Columbine
I'm on a rant
Do your damnedest
You know I ain't lyin'
Ain't trying to be accessory
To that kind of crime
Drop a dime
Why don't y'all just crawl
Back in the slime
Tick tock look at the clock
We live in interesting times
The walls are falling
While We drawing the blinds
Singin' mena mena I swear to god
We're losing our minds

Selling out is the new making it

Don't cuss
Don't say beep ass ho
Or fly ass beep
I'll fuck ya bitch ass up bitch
What bitch I don't sleep
Stay away from K and H,
Also E and X
In fact alphabet soup is
Pretty much off limits next
Don't misbehave



I don't wanna kiss yo mamma
Drink some water if you roll
Got a lotta marijuana
California medical

I don't need a grammer teacher
This is all intentional
Michael Stipe likes orange soda
So do yall subliminally

doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo
let the music take control of you



So what I'm insane I got mad charisma
And old school slang like what it is man
That's where it's at with two turn tables
And a classy dismissal just like Clark Gable's
A man apart scheming on my island
Two day head start and you afraid of dying
Leave a lot more to the imagination
That the finest whore on your vegas vacation
When the chips are down and the stakes are high
I got the luck to back it up and you all in with the big blind
So go ahead and try to find a nicer MC
Because your whole damn life you been looking for me

And then again I might not do it for spite
Raging bile backed up with phlegm from last night
Yo I got a question for you Mr record producer
Where were you when we were out trading music for food
cigarettes mix tapes shit what all we could get
To this day we never turned down a fair trade yet
Because its like the Beatles said all you need is love
And all I need tonight is time to fuck shit up

Meanwhile there's a war in the middle east
Everybody on both sides screaming for peace
But we do it by hiding out in gated communities
And they do it by blowing up shit to get on TV
And you can believe what you want to believe
Bumper stickers ain't shit to oil companies
They make em out of plastic that's petroleum based
Put your money in their pockets and beg to disagree


This is for my people in Casablanca
Make it last longer than Willy Wonka
This is for my people in Carolina
Fuck democracy bring rap to China
This is for my people in uptown Harlem
Chasing that bling like the creature Golem
This is for my people in Tienamen square
Hello I'm Johnny Cash and I been everywhere

This is for my people all over the world
Blacksburg Jackson Lewisburg Wilmington
It's the science of funk tour so come get some
Tallahassee Austin St Louis Boston


The experimental railroad killing machine
This call is monitored welcome to the machine
Like Razel and DJ Spooky it's man vs. machine
This verse was written by me the next by machine
This old timer code talker put your men on their guard
Get your gun and go hunting the streets for terror squads
It's man vs machine decide whose side you are on
Machines got better weapons but we got better odds
We beat the gods who made us at the darwin awards
hold the earth in an iron fist and wage these wars
for fuel to run machines because we're hungry for more
like your boss stole your pension and your kid stole your car
Better learn to build a fire and catch rainwater
Because machines have no mercy they gone strike back hard
because it's man vs machine and it's


I like to play cards even though the preacher says
They are the instruments of the Devils hands
I like to play cards in bars and throw away my winnings
On fat cigars and whiskey drinking women

I like to play guitars even though mama said
There ain't no better way to waste your whole life
I like to play guitars in bars and drink free PBRs
And thank my stars that she was right

Another song another hole in the wall
I guess I didn't write it down after all
Rock n roll ain't hockey you don't have to get cold
And you don't lose your soul until the money takes hold


The Kent Road Massacre

I went down Virginia
how it's lonesome on the road
Hey don't let them get ya
when your carrying that load
Better times and ages
Gifts from the unknown
And I wonder still I wonder
who'll stop the rain

All that I been saying
A thousand times before
If you are a christian
won't you let me in your door
Everything I've given
Everything I've gained
And I wonder still I wonder
Who'll stop the rain

Peace and paranoia
Hope and apathy
Make your own decision
Don't put that weight on me
I'm just trying to hold up
A light for you to see
And I wonder still I wonder
Who'll stop the rain

Write yourself a letter
Put it in a drawer
Find it when you're moving on
Wonder who it's for
Find out if you know yourself
Better than before
And I wonder still I wonder
Who'll stop the rain

stereophonic process and apparatus patented

ya know it when ya hear it
like JBs lyrics
like priceless art
ya can't get near it
like judgment day ya fear it
and the terrorists win
but the streets will keep rockin
the soul will be the rhythm
here i go again
reggae soldier on a mission
with a radicals band
got getting down to do
and we started just then
there will be time for drugs
there will be time for women
right now i'm gone play guitar
and y'all listen

with the quickness like mario
i step to the next level
down with the sickness like yo
i stole this mic from the devil
that's why the flows harmonious
the records felonious
and the man behind the curtain
getting stuck like polonius
why i outlast
rappers sorry they asked
bury they rhyming dictionary
on the podcast
and fuck your effects pedal
it's not punk rock or metal
i thought karaoke was dead
i got a score to settle


i got tired of singer songwriters
who can't write a song
so here's a list of rhymes
it's like five minutes long
and if you memorize and
say it backwards three times
i'll appear in the mirror
with dr gonzo and pardon your crimes

yeah i quit drinking
every night when i pass out
stereo blaring
not caring ass out
go ahead ask me
how my face got mutilated
trying to hit rock bottom
and i finally made it

i write code for the microphone
stealth mode
if you don't know leave me alone
i write code for the microphone
stealth mode
if you don't know leave me alone
it's on the low like the underground railroad
it's on the low like the underground railroad
i write code for the microphone
stealth mode
if you don't know leave me alone